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Our Staff

Our Staff

We have a multidisciplinary team with expertise in science, medicine, public health, law, social sciences, economics, and national security.

Executive Officers

Senior Scholars

Senior Analysts & Analysts

National Security Advisor

Contributing Scholar

Finance and Administration

  • Tommy O'Keefe, Grants & Contract Analyst
  • Meredith Piplani, Interim Administrator
  • Shyneese Richardson, Budget Specialist

Publications, Communications & Events Staff

  • Julia Cizek, Website Designer
  • Jackie Fox, Director of Publications
  • Andrea Lapp, Director of Events
  • Price Tyson, Information Technology Director

Administrative Staff

  • Maria Jasen, Senior Administrative Coordinator
  • Tanna Liggins, Administrative Coordinator
  • Hannah Ottman-Feeney, Administrative Coordinator

Founding Director

Former Director