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Current Projects

Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative Fellowship Program

Project Lead: Crystal Boddie

Project Team: Tom Inglesby, Anita Cicero, Matthew Watson, Matthew Shearer

Project Description

Background: The Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative is a fellowship program established in recognition of the critical need for fresh thinking and expertise in the field of biosecurity for the future. Pressing issues in biosecurity include emerging infections, antibiotic-resistant organisms, dual-use technologies, an ever-widening capacity to produce synthetic pathogens, and regulatory structures that are outpaced by scientific innovation. The field is complex and includes a broad range of disciplines.

Purpose: The Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative is a competitive program designed to create and sustain an energetic, multidisciplinary, and intergenerational biosecurity community that includes motivated young professionals. Each year, this competitive program selects a group of talented early career professionals from government, defense, private industry, science, public health, medicine, the social sciences, academia, journalism, and other related professions.


Supported By: Open Philanthropy Project