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Our meetings provide a national forum for leaders in the field to explore and discuss priorities, challenges, and policy implications in health security.


Charting the Future of Biosecurity:
Ten Years after the Anthrax Attacks

Conference Videos

Welcome: Paula J. Olsiewski
The Outlook for Biosecurity—Reasons for Optimism: 
Thomas V. Inglesby
The Impact of the Anthrax Letter Attacks—How a Bio-attack Reverberated through the Country:Jeanne Meserve
Present and Future Biothreats: Randall Larsen (Moderator)
D.A. Henderson, and Richard J. Danzig
Looking Ahead in US Health Security: Richard Besser (Moderator), Thomas R. Frieden, Andrew Weber,
and Nicole Lurie
Taped Interview with Senator Tom Daschle
Transformative Science in Biosecurity: Tom Inglesby (Moderator), Tara O'Toole, Margaret A. Hamburg, J. Craig Venter, and George Poste
Talking Biosecurity with the Public: Senator Jim Talent
The Next 5 Years of the Biological Weapons Convention:
Thomas M. Countryman
Presentation of Award for Biosecurity Achievement
to Paula Olsiewski
Video by Jim Folliard, Gearshift Productions