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In video briefs and interviews, experts in the field offer their perspectives on developments in health security and background on the issues addressed in our articles and reports. 



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Are Standard Estimates of Bird Flu Fatality Too High?
Video brief
February 28, 2013

Eric Toner, MD

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Assessment of Serosurveys for H5N1. Eric Toner, Amesh A. Adalja, Jennifer Nuzzo, Tom Inglesby, D.A. Henderson, and Donald S. Burke. Clinical Infectious Diseases. First published online February 5, 2013. OI:10.1093/cid/cit047. 


February 2013: WHO estimates the case fatality rate for H5N1 to be 60%, but some have argued that the rate is acrually much lower because of missed mild cases. In the article, "Assessment of Serosurveys for H5N1," authors Eric Toner, Amesh Adalja, Jennifer Nuzzo, Tom Inglesby, D.A. Henderson, and Donald Burke discuss their extensive review of past studies and conclude that there is little evidence to suggest that the 60% rate is too high. In this video brief, lead author Dr. Eric Toner discusses the implications of the team's findings for clinicians, researchers, and public health decision makers working on pandemic flu response.