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The Mission to Stop Ebola: Lessons for UN Crisis Response
Adam Lupel and Michael Snyder

International Peace Institute, February 15, 2017

International Peace Institute
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February 15, 2017
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The  Ebola  epidemic  of  2014–2016  was  a  fast-moving,  multidimensional  emergency  that  pre -sented  unprecedented  challenges  for  the  multi -lateral system. In response to the outbreak, which was  spreading  exponentially  in  Guinea,  Liberia, and Sierra Leone, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon established the UN’s first-ever emergency health mission,  the  UN  Mission  for  Ebola  Emergency Response (UNMEER). UNMEER was mandated by the UN General Assembly in September 2014 to scale up and coordinate the activities of the UN presence  on  the  ground  working  to  stop  the outbreak,  which  eventually  claimed  over  11,000 lives.

This report asks: Was UNMEER needed? Was it properly  structured?  Did  it  deliver?  And  what broader lessons can be learned from the experience of UNMEER for UN crisis response?