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About Clinicians' Biosecurity News

Clinicians' Biosecurity News (CBN) is a twice monthly email newsletter that provides timely updates and expert synopses of new developments in a range of clinical research and practice areas that intersect with biosecurity and biodefense: infectious diseases, medical management, drug development, hospital and healthcare system preparedness, public health preparedness, and public policy. CBN articles interpret and highlight biosecurity implications of new research findings and clinical issues for salient current events. Our reports also identify areas in need of research and public policy development. And when unusual events and emerging outbreaks occur, Clinicians' Biosecurity News publishes time-stamped updates and issue briefs, as we did with the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic.

Clinicians' Biosecurity News is published by JHSPH Center for Health Security and does not purport to advance any official positions of UPMC. JHSPH Center for Health Security maintains editorial control of all material published on the CBN (see Terms of Use for more information).

CBN Staff:

Access, Subscription, and Privacy: Clinicians' Biosecurity News reports are available at no charge and can be read on the CBN website or delivered by email through free subscription. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of our subscribers, so we do not share or sell our subscriber list or any information from that list to outside entities. Please review our privacy policy for more information.

Funding: Initial development of the CBN was supported by funding from the Blum-Kovler Foundation. The funders have no involvement in the editorial process, content, or operation of the network.

Product Mention: Mention of specific products by generic or brand name does not constitute endorsement by the CBN, its editors, staff, or affiliated clinicians, JHSPH or its staff, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health or its faculty or staff, or CBN subscribers. Any mention of specific products is for educational purposes only. Regarding specific products or drugs, physicians and other healthcare providers are advised to consult their normal resources before prescribing to their patients.