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Infectious Disease Cost Calculator

A New Way to Calculate Costs of Infectious Diseases

The Infectious Disease Cost Calculator (IDCC) provides national and global estimates of the economic burden of infectious diseases, with the goal of informing decisions about investments in prevention and control of dengue and cholera (data for other infectious diseases will be added in the future).

IDCC data and sources: Disease incidence estimates used in the IDCC calculator are derived from the best available surveillance data from the World Health Organization (WHO), supplemented with robust, peer-reviewed national and regional case surveillance reports. Users can customize calculations by substituting the default incidence numbers with alternative numbers or assumptions.

Calculating costs: The IDCC works by calculating and then combining the direct and indirect economic costs of specific infectious diseases to provide a conservative total cost estimate for each country. IDCC cost estimates are derived from established economic theory and are informed by previous infectious disease cost models. In the cost model sections of the site, we provide a complete description and discussion of our methodology along with our references.

Visualizing data: We also provide interactive maps that allow users to visualize IDCC estimates across the globe. 

Visit the Infectious Disease Cost Calculator Web site to learn more.