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Clinicians' Biosecurity News: Bi-weekly update on clinical issues relevant to biosecurity and health security, available online and for e-mail delivery.

Health Security Headlines: Daily update on important developments in health security, covering topics such as biosecurity and biodefense, medicine and public health, science and technology, domestic preparedness and response, government affairs and national security, and 21st century threats. Available through free subscription. 

Preparedness Pulsepoints: A weekly update on USG action in readiness and response that highlights Congressional and agency activity—pending legislation, rulemaking, upcoming hearings, and other policy developments—in 4 key topic areas: public health emergency preparedness and response, homeland security and domestic preparedness, radiological and nuclear disaster preparedness, and science and technology policy. Available through free subscription. 

Fact Sheets

Biological and Chemical Agents of Concern: Descriptions of biological and chemical agents that have been used in the past for terrorism or are considered a serious threat, with basic information on transmission, diagnosis, treatment, and decontamination

Interactive Features

Explore outbreaks of diseases caused by the 80+ select agent pathogens. Take a ringside seat for a smallpox attack scenario. Learn leadership skills for managing an epidemic. Or explore ways to protect building occupants from biological threats. View all of our interactive features.


Health Security: Dr. Thomas Inglesby is the editor-in-chief of the peer-reviewed journal that ranks among the top 10 journals in international relations.


In video briefs and interviews, Center experts offer their perspective on developments in health security and background on the issues addressed in our articles and reports.