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Center for Biosecurity

Open Report | Release Date September 27, 2011 | 50 Pages

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Rad Resilient City: A preparedness checklist to save lives after a nuclear detonation

The Rad Resilient City fallout preparedness checklist, published by the Center for Biosecurity of UPMC, provides cities and their neighbors with a checklist of preparedness actions that could save tens of thousands of lives or more following a nuclear terrorist attack. The Checklist converts the latest federal guidance and technical reports into 7 clear, actionable steps that all communities can take now to protect residents from radioactive fallout.

The workbook includes a wealth of background information, a phased implementation plan, guidance for using buildings as shelters, a community preparedness education plan, and guidelines for developing and samples of post-event messages to guide and save lives.

The Rad Resilient City Checklist was developed by theCenter for Biosecurity of UPMCin collaboration with the Nuclear Resilience Expert Advisory Group.

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