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Focus Areas

We believe that we should do everything possible to protect people’s health from biological and infectious threats. Our efforts aim to ensure a future in which severe pandemics can no longer threaten our world.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security has five main focus areas.

Global Health Security icon

Global Health Security

Enhancing international cooperation and science diplomacy to prevent epidemics and improve disease detection, surveillance, and response.

Learn more about global health security.

Emerging Infectious Disease and Epidemics icon

Emerging Infectious Disease and Epidemics

Advancing priorities and strategies to prepare for, respond to, and recover from large-scale epidemics of natural or deliberate origin.

Learn more about emerging infectious disease and epidemics.

Medical and Public Health Preparedness and Response icon

Medical and Public Health Preparedness and Response

Providing decision makers with the in-depth analysis and recommendations they need to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies and disasters.

Learn more about medical and public health preparedness and response.

Deliberate Biological Threats icon

Deliberate Biological Threats

Identifying, analyzing, and informing leaders about new and emerging threats to the public’s health and security.

Learn more about deliberate biological threats.

Opportunities and Risks in the Life Sciences icon

Opportunities and Risks in the Life Sciences

Analyzing trends and new developments in the life sciences and providing recommendations for realizing the promise of biotechnology while strengthening biosecurity and biosafety.

Learn more about opportunities and risks in the life sciences.


Our Mission

To protect people’s health from epidemics and disasters and ensure that communities are resilient to major challenges.