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Republic of China (Taiwan) Honors D. A. Henderson

Henderson Receives Recognition from President Ma Ying-jeou

JULY 8, 2013—Baltimore, MD—On July 4, Dr. D. A. Henderson, a distinguished scholar with the UPMC Center for Health Security, was presented with the Order of Brilliant Star with Grand Cordon, an award from the government of Taiwan that honors civilians for their contributions to societal development.

In a ceremony held at the Office of the President in Taiwan, Dr. Henderson was recognized for “outstanding contributions to protecting the people around the world from threat of smallpox infection as well as promoting friendship and cooperative relations between Taiwan and the United States.” The eradication of smallpox, under Dr. Henderson’s leadership of the World Health Organization’s smallpox eradication campaign, is a widely acclaimed global public health achievement; smallpox was one of the deadliest diseases, and it remains the only disease to have been eradicated through a targeted public health program.

Upon receiving the award, Dr. Henderson expressed his deep appreciation to President Ma and the people of Taiwan, and he commended Taiwan’s leadership in fostering public health emergency response capabilities for emerging disease epidemics as well as the challenges associated with natural disasters. “I am especially proud to be recognized by a country that has shown such progress and creative leadership in public health and medicine over the years.”

In addition to attending the award ceremony, Dr. Henderson was invited to deliver the keynote address for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s “Conference on the Innovation, Achievement, and Sustainable Development in Public Health Emergency Response System 10 Years After the SARS Epidemic.”

The Center for Health Security completed last year an assessment of Taiwan’s public health emergency preparedness programs for Taiwan’s Department of Health. 


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