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WHO Names JHU Center for Health Security a Collaborating Centre
November 6, 2019

Inaugural Global Health Security Index Finds No Country Is Prepared for Epidemics or Pandemics
October 24, 2019

Players for Event 201, a pandemic exercise, include global business leaders and prominent government and public health leaders—livestream open to all
October 15, 2019

Center for Health Security report assesses preparedness for high-impact respiratory pathogen
September 18, 2019

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security to host Event 201, a global pandemic exercise
August 21, 2019

Center for Health Security Gathers Experts from China and the United States to Examine the Potential Implications of the Rapidly Expanding Synthetic Biology Field
August 14, 2019

Center for Health Security cosponsors meeting on maximizing opportunities for economic growth of the US bioeconomy
August 12, 2019

Senior Scholar Gigi Gronvall, PhD, and colleagues submit emerging biotechnologies paper at Biological Weapons Convention meeting of experts
July 29, 2019

Center for Health Security at the first international conference on global health security in Sydney, Australia
June 11, 2019

Center for Health Security hosts multilateral biosecurity dialogue meeting in Thailand
May 29, 2019

Center for Health Security report reviews the promise and challenges of vaccine platform technologies
April 25, 2019

Center for Health Security makes recommendations for heightening awareness and motivating action around global catastrophic biological risks
March 4, 2019

Center for Health Security announces fellows accepted to Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity class of 2019
February 12, 2019



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