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The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security regularly engages local, national, and international media for stories and commentary on timely, highly relevant issues in the health security field. Our expertise, projects, research, and events focus on:

  • Global Health Security
  • Emerging Infectious Diseases and Epidemics
  • Medical and Public Health Preparedness and Response
  • Deliberate Biological Threats
  • Opportunities and Risks in the Life Sciences


Recent Newsletters

Clinicians' Biosecurity News

Bi-weekly update on clinical issues relevant to biosecurity and health security, available online and for e-mail delivery. Learn more about the CBN newsletter or visit the CBN website.

Health Security Headlines

Daily update on important developments in health security, covering topics such as biosecurity and biodefense, medicine and public health, science and technology, domestic preparedness and response, government affairs and national security, and 21st century threats. Available through free subscription. Learn more about Health Security Headlines.

Preparedness Pulsepoints

A weekly update on USG action in readiness and response that highlights Congressional and agency activity—pending legislation, rulemaking, upcoming hearings, and other policy developments—in 4 key topic areas: public health emergency preparedness and response, homeland security and domestic preparedness, radiological and nuclear disaster preparedness, and science and technology policy. Available through free subscription. Learn more about Preparedness Pulsepoints.


Updates on the emerging novel coronavirus from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.



Outbreak Observatory

Outbreak Observatory aims to collect information on challenges and solutions associated with outbreak response and share it broadly with the public health preparedness and response communities to allow others to learn from these experiences in order to improve global outbreak response capabilities.

The Bifurcated Needle

The blog will aspire to offer simple, effective, and sometimes unexpected solutions to difficult health security challenges. Since solutions can be almost as elusive as successful eradication campaigns, we invite readers to be part of the conversation as we and our colleagues offer personal views and commentary.


Our Mission

To protect people’s health from epidemics and disasters and ensure that communities are resilient to major challenges.