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January 2021

What we now know — and don’t know — about the coronavirus variants, feat. Caitlin Rivers, PhD
The COVID-19 challenges Biden faces on Day One as president, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Miami Herald
Florida has more known cases of highly infectious ‘UK variant’ than any other state, feat. Gigi Gronvall, PhD

Verywell Health
The U.S. Is Changing How States Will Get COVID-19 Vaccines, feat. Eric Toner, MD

The New York Times
One Day’s Pandemic Losses: Among Thousands, a Father, a Child, a Friend, feat. Caitlin Rivers, PhD

The Washington Post
Coronavirus updates: Death toll approaches 400,000, far exceeding Trump’s benchmark for success in containing the virus, feat. Caitlin Rivers, PhD

China COVID-19 vaccinations gather momentum as outbreaks spread., feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Arizona Attempts Unprecedented Mass Vaccination Plan As Coronavirus Surges, feat. Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH

The Washington Post
You asked: Is it safe to take a staycation during the surge?, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

The Associated Press
No uniform system for California’s mass vaccine rollout, feat. Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH

Covid-19 deaths are the highest they’ve ever been — and the more infectious variants could make things much worse, feat. Caitlin Rivers, PhD

COVID-19 Vaccines and Latest Case Surge [Podcast], feat. Gigi Gronvall, PhD

7 Reasons the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Has Been Slow, feat. Eric Toner, MD

The Baltimore Sun
Baltimore judge upholds city’s dining ban, calling it a ‘matter of life and death’; Scott praises ruling, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

Miami Herald
Florida health officials want to scrutinize COVID test results. It’s unclear why, feat. Gigi Gronvall, PhD and Rachel West, PhD

The Wall Street Journal
Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Changes Draw Concern at Local Level, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Seven Days Since Capitol Attack Have Been Deadliest Of Covid Pandemic, feat. Eric Toner, MD

Glacial pace of the U.S. inoculation campaign raises questions about priorities [Video], feat. Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH

Local reaction, as new COVID-19 variant found in Maryland [Video], feat. Tara Kirk Sell, PhD

The Baltimore Sun
Are restaurant shutdowns effective at slowing the spread of the coronavirus? Experts debate before Baltimore judge., feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

New Scientist
Warnings of huge new spike in US covid-19 cases as UK variant spreads, feat. Gigi Gronvall, PhD and Lane Warmbrod, MPH

The New York Times
One Mask Is Good. Would Two Be Better?, feat. Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH

Fox Business
New ‘concerning’ COVID strain is an ‘efficient transmitter’: Expert [Video], feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

The Baltimore Sun
Maryland Gov. Hogan sounds caution about scrapping COVID-19 vaccine plans to redistribute second doses, feat. Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH

Fast Company
How will you actually know when it’s your turn to get the COVID-19 vaccine?, feat. Tara Kirk Sell, PhD

Washington Examiner
New vaccination bottleneck: Personnel to administer the shots, feat. Eric Toner, MD

Popular Science
The attack on the Capitol had all the ingredients of a COVID-19 superspreader event, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD and Tom Inglesby, MD
Jails and prisons were hit hard by Covid-19 and experts say they need to be prioritized for the vaccines, feat. Crystal Watson, DrPH and a report by the Center for Health Security

The Associated Press
Should I get a COVID-19 vaccine if I’ve had the virus?, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

U.S. News & World Report
Health Officials Work to Speed Up U.S. COVID Vaccine Rollout, feat. Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH

Capitol Riot Likely a Superspreader Event, feat. Eric Toner, MD

The Washington Post
The Daily 202: Elaine Chao and Betsy DeVos resign after standing by Trump for almost four years. feat. Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH

The Wall Street Journal
Pro-Trump Mob Forces Its Way Into Capitol, Congress Certifies Biden’s Electoral College Win, Democrats Win Georgia’s U.S. Senate Seats and more, feat. Eric Toner, MD
As U.K. variant spreads in U.S., scientists warn that country isn't doing enough to track Covid strains, Gigi Gronvall, PhD

Older Americans scramble for COVID-19 shots as some U.S. states broaden access, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Sun Herald
Millions in funds coming for overwhelmed COVID vaccine program in MS months after request, feat. Caitlin Rivers, PhD

The New York Times
A Riot Amid a Pandemic: Did the Virus, Too, Storm the Capitol?, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

The Washington Post
U.S. sets covid-19 death record as researchers point to asymptomatic cases as a major source of infections, feat. Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH

Associated Press
US registering highest deaths yet from the coronavirus, feat. Eric Toner, MD

The Hill
Was the Capitol riot a COVID-19 superspreader event?, feat. Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH

Fauci says vaccine rollout’s "bumps and hiccups” won’t last long, feat. Tara Kirk Sell, PhD

Miami Herald
Nearly half of new COVID variant cases in the U.S. are in Florida. Experts warn of surge, feat. Gigi Gronvall, PhD and Rachel West, PhD

The Washington Post
CDC foresees spread in U.S. of highly contagious coronavirus variant, feat. Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH

Fauci sees greater China role in COVID-19 spread, one year on, feat. Tara Kirk Sell, PhD

America’s messy Covid-19 vaccine rollout, explained, feat. Crystal Watson, DrPH

The Baltimore Sun
Maryland reports record 1,862 people currently hospitalized with coronavirus, feat. Eric Toner, MD

The Kansan
Harvey County's COVID-19 testing capacity finally seeing a boost, feat. Gigi Gronvall, PhD

Why the coronavirus vaccine rollout is behind schedule, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

The Huffington Post
Should We Be Worried About The New COVID-19 Strain In South Africa?, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

NBC Nightly News
U.S. flu numbers drop dramatically [Video], feat. Caitlin Rivers, PhD at the 1:00 mark

Most U.S. COVID-19 vaccines go idle as New York, Florida move to penalize hospitals, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Here’s Why You’ll Still Need to Wear a Mask After Getting Vaccinated for COVID-19, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

The Wall Street Journal
‘It’s a Desperate Time’: Crush of Covid-19 Patients Strains U.S. Hospitals, feat. Eric Toner, MD



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