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Media Coverage


May 2014

Amesh Adalja
19 kidney failure patients contact deadly MERS
Saudi Gazette. 05-19-2014

Amesh Adalja
Foreign doctors, nurses in Saudi Arabia could take MERS global
Reuters. 05-18-2014

Amesh Adalja
CDC reopens SARS playbook from 2003
The Hill. 05-18-2014

Amesh Adalja
Fábregas: Vigilance, not panic, is right approach for MERS outbreak
Pittsburgh Tribune Review. 05-17- 2014

Amesh Adalja
Silently among us: Scientists worry about milder cases of MERS
Reuters. 05-17-2014

Amesh Adalja
Airports told to post MERS advisory
TopNews Arab Emirates. 05-15-2014

Amesh Adalja
Airports asked to post MERS advisory, but Pittsburgh not targeted by CDC
Pittsburgh Tribune Review. 05-14- 2014

Amesh Adalja
What Is MERS? Here’s what you need to know
TIME. 05-13-2014

Amesh Adalja
Two US health workers ill after MERS exposure; world health body meets in Geneva
Reuters. 05-13-2014

Amesh Adalja
Expert panel convenes to advise WHO on whether MERS is a public health emergency
Canadian Press. 05-13-2014

MERS emergency meeting held by World Health Organization
CBC News. 05-13-2014

D. A. Henderson
Keep or kill last lab stocks of smallpox? Time to decide, says WHO
NPR. 05-09-2014

D. A. Henderson
Should the World Health Organization destroy smallpox samples, or continue research?
89.3 KPCC, Los Angeles Public Radio. 05-08-2014

D. A. Henderson
Some experts urge eradication of US, Russian smallpox stocks
Global Security Newswire. 05-05-2014

D. A. Henderson
Scientists urge delay in destroying last smallpox.
Associated Press. 05-01-2014

April 2014

D. A. Henderson
Infectious diseases: smallpox watch.
Nature. 04-30-2014

D. A. Henderson
Foreign Policy. 04-29-2014

Amesh Adalja
US biodefence facilities ramp up
Nature. 04-29-2014

Amesh Adalja
Experts watching MERS outbreak for global menace
Voice of America. 04-28-2014

D. A. Henderson
Top experts suggest bolstering smallpox vaccine stockpiles.
CIDRAP News. 04-09-2014

Amesh Adalja
MERS cases still climbing
MedPageToday. 04-21-2014

Amesh Adalja
FAQ: The deadly Ebola virus.
WebMD Health News. 04-04-2014

March 2014

Nidhi Bouri, Sanjana Ravi, Center report: "Riding the Mobile Wave"
Researchers: It's time to advance personal health record mobility.
FierceMobileHealthcare. 03-09-2014

February 2014

Amesh Adalja
Mystery illness causes paralysis in children.
WTAJ (Central Pennsylvania). 02-25-2014

Tom Inglesby
Obama administration places new emphasis on global health security.
World Politics Review. 02-21-2014

Nidhi Bouri, Center report: "Riding the Mobile Wave"
What public health departments need to adopt social media.
Emergency Management. 02-18-2014

January 2014

Eric Toner
Nazi scientists may have plotted malaria mosquito warfare.
National Geographic. 01-31-2014



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