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March 2023

USA Today
Closer look: What you need to know about Babesiosis, a tick-borne illness with cases on the rise, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Scientific American 
Will Humans Ever Go Extinct?, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

The Atlantic 
A Major Clue to COVID’s Origins Is Just Out of Reachfeat. Gigi Gronvall, PhD

Verywell Health
How Long Will You Test Positive for COVID-19?, feat. Gigi Gronvall, PhD

Good Morning America 
What we know about coronavirus' long-term effects, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Are raccoon dogs the missing link in the mystery of COVID-19’s origins? The answer depends on whom you talk to, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

USA Today
Cases of tickborne disease more than double in Northeast: What to know about babesiosis, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

The Atlantic 
The Strongest Evidence Yet That an Animal Started the Pandemic, feat. Gigi Gronvall, PhD

ABC News
Tick-borne illness babesiosis is spreading in the U.S., CDC report shows, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Covid-19 vaccines falsely linked to lower life expectancy, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

USA Today
As COVID turns 3, experts worry where the next pandemic will come from – and if we'll be readyfeat. Tom Inglesby, MD

Should We Worry About the Legionella Outbreak in the U.S.?, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

3 Years On, Why Don’t We Know the Extent of Long COVID?, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Fitness Health News
When Tara Kirk Completed an Undefeated Career In 100 Breaststroke, feat. Tara Kirk Sell, PhD

What Is H3N2? Experts Explain Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment Options, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Foreign Affairs
How to Handle the Bird Flu [Opinion], authored by Caitlin Rivers, PhD

Scientific American
5 Things We've Learned from COVID in Three Years, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Americans want feds to be ready for the next Covidfeat. Tom Inglesby, MD

The New York Times [Opinion]
How to Prepare for the Next Pandemic, authored by Tom Inglesby, MD

The New York Times
What if the Next Pandemic Happened Tomorrow?, feat. an op-ed by Tom Inglesby, MD

Don't Believe Anybody Who Says They Know How COVID-19 Started. Here's Why, feat. Gigi Gronvall, PhD

The COVID hearing wish list, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

New York Times
How Tennis and Djokovic Are Pushing Against the U.S. Covid Vaccine Rule, feat. Gigi Gronvall, PhD

CDC Warns About Drug-Resistant Stomach Bug on the Rise in the U.S.: What to Know, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Scientific American
Vaccine Makers Are Preparing for Bird Flu, feat. Caitlin Rivers, PhD

Washington Post
‘Lab leak’ report energizes Republicans’ covid probes, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

The Hill
Why a final answer on COVID-19’s origins remains out of reach, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD


February 2023

How the Energy Department’s covid report fits into the lab leak vs. natural origin debate, feat. Gigi Gronvall, PhD

CDC: Extensively Drug-Resistant Shigella Is on the Rise, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Bird flu has reportedly killed a Cambodian girl and sickened others. What you need to know about H5N1, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Medpage Today
Investigational Oral Antiviral Shows Promise in COVID Outpatients, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Medpage Today
Monoclonal Antibodies Linked to Reduced RSV Burden in Young Kids, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

World's Failure to Wipe Out Covid Bodes Badly for Next Pandemic, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

The Atlantic
Wash Your Hands and Pray You Don’t Get Sick, feat. Caitlin Rivers, PhD

HealthDay via U.S. News & World Report
Prior COVID Infection Brings Strong, Long-Lasting Immunity: Study, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Medpage Today
What Bird Flu Reminds Us About Influenza Pandemics [Opinion], written by Amesh Adalja, MD

Should Humans Be Concerned About the Lingering Bird-Flu Outbreak?, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Mpox Cases Have Dropped Dramatically Since Last Summer. Here's What to Know, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD and Amesh Adalja, MD 

Baltimore Sun
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center to stop publishing daily data updates, feat. Crystal Watson, DrPH

Verywell Health
What Should You Do If You Feel Sick but Keep Testing Negative for COVID?, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

What to Know About Norovirus, the Highly Contagious "Stomach Bug" Sweeping Across the U.S., feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Everyday Health 
Stomach Flu Outbreaks Are Climbing in the U.S., feat. Amesh Adalja, MD 

The world needs to ‘calm down’ about the risk of a new COVID variant emerging from China, the country’s former CDC chief says, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

What the WHO’s new treaty could mean for the next pandemic, feat. Alexandra Phelan, SJD

Norovirus Cases Are Skyrocketing: What You Need to Know, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

The Atlantic
I Bought a CO2 Monitor, and It Broke Me, feat. Paula Olsiewski, PhD

A Dangerous Fungal Infection Is Spreading Across the US. How Concerned Should We Be?, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Fact Check-COVID-19 vaccines do not add a ‘third strand’ of DNA, feat. Tara Kirk Sell, PhD

Bloomberg Law
Biden Mailed 737 Million Covid Tests But Mum on Who Got Them, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

Mpox outbreak over in New York City, health dept. says, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

FTC sets its sights on the health data market, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

What should be kept off-limits in a virology lab?, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

Ending the U.S. COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD



January 2023

New York Times
Expert Panel Votes for Stricter Rules on Risky Virus Research, feat. Gigi Gronvall, PhD and Tom Inglesby, MD

Virologists defend their science as officials eye more oversight of risky experiments, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

Washington Post (Editorial Board)
Opinion: The time has come for a major reset at the CDC, feat. a report by Tom Inglesby, MD

Fox News
Dire shortage of infectious disease specialists in U.S., for 'complex' reasons, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Washington Post
FDA proposes switching to annual coronavirus vaccine, mimicking flu model, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

A New Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Strain Has Been Identified in the US—Here’s What to Know, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

The FDA is proposing a move to annual COVID shots. Some experts worry it’s too soon, and too simple of an approach, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Washington Post
NIH biosecurity advisers urge tighter oversight of pathogen research, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

CDC, FDA Investigating Potential—But 'Unlikely'—Link Between Pfizer Booster and Stroke Risk, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Moderna’s RSV Vaccine for Adults Is in the Works, and the Results Are Promising, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Washington Post
Lab-leak fears are putting virologists under scrutiny, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

NPR Goats and Soda
A guide to 9 global buzzwords for 2023, from 'polycrisis' to 'zero-dose children', acknowledges Tara Kirk Sell, PhD, Caitlin Rivers, PhD, and Amesh Adalja, MD

Health Security and Pandemic Preparedness, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

Safety signal for COVID-19 booster unlikely to be ‘true clinical risk,’ officials say, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Airplane lavatories deliver new hope for the CDC’s variant hunt, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

Saving the CDC, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

What parents need to know about measles: 'It's not a very fun disease to have', feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

USA Today
Fact check: ‘Catastrophic Contagion’ tested pandemic preparedness in 2022, wasn't a prediction, feat. the Center for Health Security

Study: Long COVID Usually Gets Better in a Year for People With Mild COVID-19, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Bloomberg Businessweek Podcast
Musk Drives Even Some Twitter Founders to Mastodon, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Yahoo! Life
People are blaming COVID vaccines for sudden deaths and more. Here's why experts say it’s harmful., feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

NPR Goats and Soda
Coronavirus FAQ: How do I avoid catching COVID while flying in 2023?, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

China Touts New Drug for Alleviating COVID-19 Now Undergoing Trials, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Foreign Policy 
China’s COVID-19 Failure Isn’t a Win for Democracy, feat. the Global Health Security Index, a project co-conducted with the Nuclear Threat Initiative

CDC Head Will Roll Out Sweeping Changes to Handle Emergencies, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

What Is the Omicron Subvariant XBB.1.5?, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

The Independent
Twitter account spreading false link between covid vaccines and cancer is suspended, feat. Gigi Gronvall, MD

ABC News (Australia)
Australia and China both gave up on COVID-zero just as an Omicron outbreak hit. Here's why the situation is so much worse for Beijing, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

USA Today
As COVID turns 3, experts worry where the next pandemic will come from – and if we'll be ready, feat. Tom Inglesby, MD

There's a Serious Strep Throat Outbreak Among Children — Here's What You Need to Know, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Men’s Health
Covid Completely Changed the Way We Stay Healthy—Here's How, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Flu activity in the U.S. continues to decline after early surge, feat. Caitlin Rivers, PhD






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