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Clinicians' Biosecurity News

Clinicians' Biosecurity News (CBN) is a twice monthly email newsletter, authored and edited by Drs. Amesh Adalja and Eric Toner, that provides updates on new developments in a range of clinical research and practice areas that intersect with biosecurity and health security: infectious diseases, medical management, drug development, hospital and healthcare system preparedness, public health preparedness, and public policy. 

CBN articles interpret and highlight biosecurity implications of new research findings and clinical issues for salient current events. Our reports also identify areas in need of research and public policy development. And when unusual events and emerging outbreaks occur, Clinicians' Biosecurity News publishes time-stamped updates and issue briefs, as we did with the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic. 

Clinicians' Biosecurity News can be read online at or delivered by e-mail to subscribers.

Visit the CBN website and read the latest issue.


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