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Completed Projects

Pre-Implementation of Taiwan’s Participation in the Global Health Security Agenda

Focus area:
Global Health Security

Project Description

Background: The Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) is an effort to promote international security from infectious disease threats. Several countries participating in the GHSA have volunteered to have their capacities for effective prevention, detection, and response be assessed by international teams using a new GSHA assessment tool and to make the results of their assessments public. Taiwan endorses the principles contained in the Global Health Security Agenda and although it is not officially participating in the GHSA assessment process, it has elected to contract with an external party to conduct an assessment of Taiwan using the same tool as that being used by the GHSA. 

Purpose: To assess the progress of Republic of China (Taiwan) toward the “Protect, Detect, and Respond” goals of Global Health Security Agenda and to showcase the findings


  • Assess Taiwan’s capability for infectious disease prevention and control using the latest available GHSA assessment tool;
  • Focus particular attention on Taiwan’s progress in tuberculosis (TB) elimination;
  • Convene a one-day long international symposium on Taiwan and the GHSA in the Washington, DC area;
  • Compile the papers from the symposium, along with other invited papers related to the GHSA, into a special issue of a respected peer–reviewed journal;
  • Prepare a final report containing the findings of the independent GHSA assessment of Taiwan and make it public in collaboration with the Taiwan Center for Disease Control (Taiwan CDC)

Goals: JHSPH-CHS will conduct an assessment of Taiwan’s health security using the most currently available version of the assessment tool to be used by countries participating in the Global Health Security Agenda country assessments and concurrently assess Taiwan’s TB control programs.

Meetings/Reports/Events: The team will visit Taiwan in March to begin the assessment process and will return to complete the formal assessment during the summer.

Project Lead: Eric Toner

Project Team: Eric Toner, Anita Cicero, Jennifer Nuzzo, Tara Kirk Sell, Matthew Shearer

Supported By: Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan



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