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Completed Projects

Public Health and Community Pharmacy Partnerships

The Center conducted a study to determine how public health in the United States can best be bolstered by engaging with community pharmacy in the near-term future. For the purpose of this study, community pharmacy is defined as the collective group of US independent and chain pharmacies (e.g., traditional drug stores, grocery stores with pharmacies, mass merchants with pharmacies).

To frame the analysis, the Center examined 3 specific areas of growing public health need to determine how community pharmacy could serve the public’s health: the national opioid crisis, antibiotic resistance, and pandemic and emergency preparedness and response. The study team performed a literature review; held a day-long meeting of experts, including those from state medical associations, preparedness entities, community pharmacies, public health agencies, nonprofit organizations, and academia; and conducted additional consultations with pharmacy, preparedness, and public health experts.

The final report presents the Center’s policy judgment regarding the role of community pharmacy in public health and the areas for which the role of pharmacy should be expanded in the near term.

Project team lead: Gigi Kwik Gronvall, PhD

Project team: Matthew Shearer, MPH; Amesh Adalja, MD; Ashley Geleta, MS, former research assistant

Project supported by: National Association of Chain Drug Stores

Date completed: October 2017

Resources: Serving the Greater Good: Public Health and Community Pharmacy Partnerships (PDF)



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