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Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Fellowship

About the ELBI Fellowship

The Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity (ELBI) Fellowship inspires and connects the next generation of biosecurity leaders and innovators.

Launched in 2012, ELBI is a highly competitive, part-time program that provides an opportunity for talented graduate students and professionals to deepen their expertise, expand their network, and build their leadership skills through a series of events coordinated by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

The fellowship boasts almost 200 alumni with backgrounds in government, national security, private industry, science, law, public health, medicine, global health, journalism, the social sciences, and academia.

As an ELBI fellow, you will:

Picture of a ELBI workshop
  • Learn about biosecurity history, policy, and practice
  • Identify career development opportunities in the biosecurity field
  • Network with senior biosecurity leaders
  • Connect with other talented graduate students and professionals working on important biosecurity initiatives
  • Develop and sharpen key professional skills to advance your career
  • Access resources and participate in events focused on the most current, relevant topics in biosecurity

Program overview

The part-time fellowship runs over a 10-month period and requires a minimal time commitment to accommodate fellows’ busy work or academic schedules. There is no need for fellows to relocate.

Activities include:

  • A biosecurity workshop and networking event in the Washington, DC area
  • A biosecurity workshop and networking event in an international location
  • An ELBI research and practice symposium with ELBI alumni in the Washington, DC area
  • Additional networking events

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security covers travel expenses (air and ground), meals, and lodging for the 2 workshops and the symposium.

Application requirements

To be eligible to apply, prospective fellows must:

  • Have graduated from a masters or doctoral program, be currently enrolled in a doctoral program, OR have at least 3 years of professional experience in national security, public health, medicine, biotechnology, laboratory sciences, global health, or a related field
  • Be from countries that do not have standing embargoes or sanctions as determined by the US Department of State or US Department of Treasury, respectively

Prospective fellows must submit all required application materials by the date listed on the ELBI application page.

The ELBI program accepts about 28 to 30 fellows into each class.



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