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Viewing Instructions for Atlantic Storm Interactive

Atlantic Storm Interactive (ASI) is a multimedia presentation of the Atlantic Storm scenario that was staged on January 14, 2005. ASI comprises video, audio, still photos, text, and PDFs to convey the events and discussion of the exercise. All of the materials used during the live scenario are included in ASI and accessible through links at the top and bottom of the screen once they have appeared in the presentation (see descriptions below).

Background materials are accessible through these links ----------------->

  • Players: Scenario participants and the roles they played, with links to their biographical sketches.  
  • Issues: Pre-scenario briefings on smallpox, global health resources, and geopolitical issues.
  • Assumptions: Rationale and evidence supporting scenario events, developments, and conclusions.
Note: Clicking on one of these three links lowers a screen with links to available documents. The list will grow as the scenario progresses. Unless paused, the presentation will continue running in the background. Click the x in box in the lower right corner to retract the screen.

This is the Main viewing screen, where all content and visuals appear.

The presentation will advance automatically, accompanied by narration. The following controls are available:  

  • Pause/continue progression.
  • Mute/restore audio.
  • Manual video advance (using the yellow slider at the bottom of the video screen).
  • Manual VAS advance (using red points on the timeline).
  • Image controls to advance and reverse images manually (only available when there are multiple images in a time point). The image controller does not advance time point audio.

Section titles that appear here in red indicate the main events of each time point. Click titles to advance and reverse through a time point.


New documents listed here are materials used or referenced in a time point. Click a title to open the document in the main screen. Download the PDF to print. Note: Once you have opened a document, click a section title at the top to return to the visuals.

Sound controls available are pause/continue (Pause) and mute/restore ():

« Image controls

Timeline and button graphics from Flash presentation
  This timeline indicates the progression of the presentation, while time is tracked in the clock in the upper right corner of the page. Note: If you want to suspend viewing, note the time point and resume viewing by clicking it. Time points can also be used to advance and reverse the presentation manually.    


As they are presented, scenario materials will be stored in these files. Click a file name to open a menu of links to videos, maps, briefings, updates, bulletins, and press conference materials. Materials will be stored only after they appear in the presentation; all materials are available by the 4pm time point.

Suggestions For Viewing Atlantic Storm Interactive

First viewing: ASI is approximately one hour long. The presentation can be watched like a movie by letting it advance automatically.

Tips for subsequent viewings:

  • To get the most out of ASI, we recommend using the pause and mute controls to stop and read documents as they are presented.  We also recommend using the Viewing Guide, which contains a brief overview of international biosecurity challenges, accompanied by discussion questions for each time point.
  • To make the total presentation shorter, refer to summaries of the GNN videos after you have seen them once. Collectively, the videos account for approximately 20 minutes of the presentation.
  • Listen to optional audio recordings of the press conference and closing remarks if you have not already done so.
  • Print and/or review documents in advance. All PDF documents can be downloaded here and printed in advance for those who would like to have them in hand while watching the presentation.
  • We also encourage you to read the after-action report for analysis of Atlantic Storm (PDF).