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Preparing to Save Lives and Recover After a Nuclear Catastrophe: Implications for US Policy

Conference Videos

April 29, 2010


Opening Remarks: Tom Inglesby

Nuclear Dangers—"A Strange Turn of History": Joan Rohlfing

Effects of a Nuclear Detonation in a Major City: Brooke Buddemeier

What Are the Most Important Policies and Programs to Reduce Casualties from Nuclear Fallout? Ann Norwood (Moderator), Baruch Fischhoff, Tammy Taylor, and Kathleen Kaufman

Reconstitution of the Federal Government After an Attack: John Fortier

What Policies Could Enable Communities to Recover After a Nuclear Detonation? Monica Schoch-Spana (Moderator), Ann-Margaret Esnard, Louisa Vinton, Gavin Smith, and Brian Flynn

The Dead Hand—The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and Its Dangerous Legacy: David Hoffman

Closing Remarks: Tom Inglesby

Video by Jim Folliard, Gearshift Productions


Conference Photos


Joan Rohlfing


Anita Cicero


Tom Inglesby


Baruch Fischoff


Kathleen Kaufman


John Fortier


L to R: Richard Waldhorn, C. Norman Coleman, David Weinstock, Irwin Redlener, Ann Knebel


David Hoffman

All photos by Kaveh Sardari



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