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Advancing US Resilience to a Nuclear Catastrophe

Conference Videos

May 19, 2011



Leadership in Times of National Crisis: Thad W. Allen

Bounding the Problem: Updated Models of the Effects of a Nuclear Detonation in a Major City: Brooke Buddemeier

Lessons from Three Mile Island for American Nuclear Response: Harold Denton

Responding to New Nuclear Challenges: Tom Inglesby

National Leadership in Building Nuclear Resiliency: Brian E. Kamoie

US Response to a Nuclear Crisis: Joseph J. Krol, Jr

Lessons for the US from the Japanese Nuclear Crisis: William C. Ostendorff

Preparedness for a Nuclear Disaster: Views from Europe: Ray Powles

Preparing the Public to Take Protective Actions Against Fallout: Ann Norwood (Moderator), Monica Schoch-Spana, Dennis Mileti, and David McKernan

US Response to a Nuclear Crisis: Ann Norwood (Moderator), Monica Schoch-Spana, Dennis Mileti, and David McKernan

Responding to a Mass Radiation Emergency: Lessons Learned from Japan: Joseph E. Fitzgerald (Moderator),> Yoshikura Haraguchi, Steven M. Becker, and Scott Deitchman

New Proposals and Recent Progress on Medical Response to a Nuclear Detonation: Richard Waldhorn (Moderator), John Hick, David Weinstock, and Eric Toner

Video by Jim Folliard, Gearshift Productions


Conference Photos



L-R: Joe Fitzgerald, (translator), Yoshikura Haraguchi, Steven Becker, Scott Deitchman, Michael Gresalfi


Brooke Buddemeier


Ann Norwood


Monica Schoch-Spana


Tom Inglesby and Harold Denton


Tom Inglesby and Thad Allen


L to R: William Ostendorff, Anita Cicero, Tom Inglesby


Eric Toner


William Denton


Ray Powles and Eric Toner


Joseph Fitzgerald

All photos by Kaveh Sardari



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