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Clade X Media

This training tabletop exercise is based on a fictional scenario. The inputs experts used for modeling the potential impact were fictional. It is a teaching and training resource for public health and government officials.

Media Coverage

Why another flu pandemic is likely just a matter of when

Washington Post
This mock pandemic killed 150 million people. Next time it might not be a drill.

The New Yorker
The terrifying lessons of a pandemic simulation

MIT Technology Review
It’s fiction, but America just got wiped out by a man-made terror germ

Mock pandemic ends in millions dead

Science Friday (NPR)
Center for Health Security hosts Clade X pandemic exercise

Business Insider
A leading medical institution created a simulation that shows how a new disease could kill 900 million people — and it reveals how unprepared we are

A pandemic killing tens of millions of people is a real possibility — and we are not prepared for it
“Designer bugs”: how the next pandemic might come from a lab

New England Journal of Medicine
Politics and Pandemics ("Perspective" column by Ron Klain)

Washington Post (op-ed)
Our lack of pandemic preparedness could prove deadly

Agenda (World Economic Forum blog)
6 ways countries can prepare for the next infectious disease pandemic

Fox News
Emergency preparedness drill exposes gaps in response after mock virus 'kills' 900M

Securing the US from its most dangerous invader: infectious disease

Toronto Sun
Next pandemic could kill a billion people: researchers (Australia)
How a virus attack just ended the world (sort of)
Also in Queensland Times, The Morning Bulletin, and Perth Now

New York Post
The world is completely unprepared for the next pandemic

The Week (UK)
Global pandemic could wipe out 900 million people

War on the Rocks
Death in the air: Revisiting the 2001 Anthrax mailings and the Amerithrax investigation

The Evan Solomon Show, 580 CFRA (Canada)
A group of scientists say the world is not ready for the next pandemic... and the death toll could reach 1 billion

Contagion Live
Clade X Simulation Reveals United States is Not Prepared for Severe Pandemics

Daily Mail (UK)
A global pandemic of a flu-like virus could kill 900 million people if it started to spread tomorrow, experts warn
G20 experts stage a fake superbug pandemic to test how the world would react to a deadly outbreak of an antibiotic-resistant disease

PA Times (ASPA)
Clade X is more than an exercise, it is a call to action

Global Health Now
Clade X: A mock, yet entirely plausible, pandemic

Business Insider
The FDA just approved a drug to treat smallpox in case of a bioterrorism attack — here’s why that scenario is so scary

Homeland Preparedness News
Mock Clade X pandemic decimates human population; denotes global pre-planning needs

Homeland Preparedness News
Clade X: Simulated pandemic to put political leaders, public on notice

Homeland Security Newswire
Clade X pandemic exercise: Preventing the worst outcomes in future pandemics

Washington Post
The many ways our world could end


Center News

May 15, 2018 – Clade X pandemic exercise highlights policies needed to prevent or reduce the worst possible outcomes in future pandemics

Apr. 16, 2018 – Players for Clade X pandemic tabletop exercise include current and former elected officials, former senior government leaders

Nov. 16, 2017 – Center for Health Security to host Clade X, a national policy-level pandemic tabletop exercise



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