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Clade X Players

This training tabletop exercise is based on a fictional scenario. The inputs experts used for modeling the potential impact were fictional. It is a teaching and training resource for public health and government officials.

The following prominent individuals played a team of presidential advisors tasked with leading the policy response to a fictional outbreak scenario in the Clade X pandemic tabletop exercise:

Secretary of State

John Bellinger III

Played by John Bellinger
Partner, Arnold & Porter
Former Legal Advisor to the US State Department and the National Security Council

Secretary of Defense

Jim Talent

Played by Jim Talent
Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
Member, Defense Policy Board
Former US Representative and Senator (R-MO)

Attorney General

Jamie Gorelick

Played by Jamie Gorelick
Partner, Wilmer/Hale
Former Deputy Attorney General

Secretary of Health and Human Services

Margaret Hamburg

Played by Margaret Hamburg
Foreign Secretary, National Academy of Medicine
President, AAAS
Former Commissioner, US Food & Drug Administration

Secretary of Homeland Security

Tara O'Toole

Played by Tara O’Toole
Executive Vice President and Senior Fellow, In-Q-Tel
Former Under Secretary for Science and Technology,
Department of Homeland Security

CIA Director

Jeffrey Smith

Played by Jeffrey Smith
Former Head, Arnold & Porter,
National Security Practice
Former CIA General Counsel

Senate Majority Leader

Tom Daschle

Played by Tom Daschle
CEO, The Daschle Group
Former Senate Majority and Minority Leader

Member, US House of Representatives

Rep. Susan Brooks

Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN)
Current member of Congress

CDC Director

Julie Gerberding

Played by Julie Gerberding
Executive Vice President and Chief Patient Officer,
Strategic Communications, Global Public Policy, and Population Health
Merck & Co., Inc.
Former CDC Director