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A National COVID-19 Surveillance System: Achieving Containment

Mark McClellan, Scott Gottlieb, Farzad Mostashari, Caitlin Rivers, and Lauren Silvis
Date posted:
April 07, 2020
Publication type:
Duke | Margolis Center for Health Policy
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The immediate priorities of our national efforts to address the COVID-19 epidemic are appropriately aimed at suppressing chains of transmission through community-wide measures like stay-in-place orders and at surging hospital capacity to expand our ability to care for the rising number of sick patients. At the same time that we confront the current crisis, we must plan for the future by putting in place tools to enhance our ability to conduct effective surveillance, containment, and case management. As incidence of COVID-19 declines, case-based interventions will again become an option. Building those capabilities now will enable us to move beyond the extreme and disruptive physical isolation measures in place across the United States.



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