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Anthrax: A Possible Case History

Thomas V. Inglesby
Date posted:
July 31, 1999
Publication type:

Emerg Infect Dis 1999;5(4):556-560

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Full article as PDF • 1999 National Symposium website


Note: The following is a fictional scenario written for the 1999 National Symposium on the Medical and Public Health Response to Bioterrorism.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) offices in five U.S. cities have received warnings of an imminent bioterrorist attack. Each threat indicated that a “shower of anthrax would rain on U.S. cities,” unless certain demands were met immediately. One of these calls was in Northeast, a large city on the Eastern Seaboard with a metropolitan population of 2 million. The threats were credible, but no information was relayed to city officials in Northeast or elsewhere.

Full article as PDF • 1999 National Symposium website



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