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Avian Influenza: Critical Program Issues

Shana Yansen, Basil Safi, Jennifer Nuzzo, Daniel Barnett
Date posted:
February 15, 2008
Publication type:

Global Health Technical Brief  February 2008

United States Agency for International Development
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Since December 2003, highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1 has infected and killed millions of poultry and wild birds across Asia, Europe, the Near East and parts of Africa. Also known as ‘bird flu’ and avian influenza (AI), HPAI H5N1 is endemic to several regions of the world and has demonstrated transmissibility to humans. While the spread of H5N1 virus from person-to-person is currently rare and unsustained, H5N1 continues to pose a significant threat to public health and economies worldwide.



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