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CommuniVax Implementation Toolkit

CommuniVax Implementation Toolkit
Chakos A, Taylor M, and Bonilla R, on behalf of the CommuniVax Coalition
Date posted:
May 20, 2021
Publication type:
The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security
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The CommuniVax Implementation Toolkit is a guide to help state and local jurisdictions set health equity efforts rapidly in motion, starting with a COVID-19 vaccination campaign that delivers systemic benefits to communities of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). The toolkit is a product of CommuniVax, a coalition of community advocates, health experts, social scientists, and public sector leaders working together to strengthen state and local COVID-19 vaccination campaigns.

Comprised of 4 elements, the toolkit outlines what actions to take, how to develop an equitable strategy, where to seek financial support, and which partners to involve. These actions are interdependent. Taking action is not possible without proper funding and equal partners to support change. This toolkit contains strategies for making action plans, securing funding, and building enduring community alliances.

Rebalancing social and economic disparities is no longer an unfunded mandate: transformational federal support is now available and can be leveraged to rebalance social inequity and facilitate long-term recovery to improve the health and wellbeing of BIPOC communities.

The goal of the toolkit is to help local residents and groups lead their elected representatives to move from supporting debilitating health and social harms to enabling an equity-in-recovery movement. This toolkit maps out how to coproduce planning and implementation of community revitalization, create a successful equity funding strategy, and strengthen sustainable change through partnership across sectors.

This toolkit is one element of a group of implementation materials coming from CommuniVax. Additional elements will include more specific guidance for jurisdictions that need it, including an American Rescue Plan budget summary tailored for communities.



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