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COVID-19 Testing and a Path out of the Pandemic

Gigi Gronvall
Date posted:
October 06, 2021
Publication type:
Clinical Chemistry, 2021
Oxford University Press
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For the US, COVID-19 testing is here to stay. The White House’s “Path out of the Pandemic” announcement on September 10, 2021 calls for increased access to COVID-19 testing and testing programs, including for schools and for employees of businesses larger than 100 people who are not vaccinated.(1) To increase the availability of tests, the Defense Production Act has been invoked by the Administration to increase manufacturing, free pharmacy testing has been expanded, and home rapid antigen tests will be sold at reduced prices by major retailers. This plan is a welcomed ramp-up of testing capacity which will help address current shortages of tests and long delays in getting test results. It will be important, however, for the US government to not only address the current demands for testing but to anticipate what testing needs are likely for the future, and plan for them. Testing needs are increasing and will change—though not disappear—when cases of COVID-19 eventually decline.



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