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D. A. Henderson Visits Republic of China (Taiwan)

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Date posted:
July 04, 2013
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UPMC Center for Health Security, July 2013


At the invitation of President Ma Ying-jeou, D.A. Henderson traveled to Taiwan in July 2013, where he was awarded the Order of Brilliant Star with Grand Cordon by President Ma. Read the press release from President Ma's office.

Dr. Henderson was also invited to give a number of talks: a lecture at Academia Sinica, the preeminent academic institution in the Republic of China; the keynote address for the 2013 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s (APEC) Conference; and a lecture for students at Taipei Medical University.

In addition, Dr. Henderson visited Taiwan's CDC, where he met with Director General Feng-Yee Chang and other CDC officials, and he met with alumni of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, where he was dean from 1977-1990. 

Center Associate Ryan Morhard accompanied Dr. Henderson. Highlights of their trip and photos appear below (click on photographs to enlarge). 

Office of President Ma

July 4, 2013: President Ma awards Dr. Henderson the Order of Brilliant Star with Grand Cordon in recognition of his "outstanding contributions to protecting the people around the world from the threat of smallpox infection as well as promoting friendship and cooperative relations between Taiwan and the United States.”

Office of President MA

L-R: Feng-Yee Chang, Director-General, Taiwan CDC; Steve Kuo, DOH Advisor, Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, US;  Chien-Jen Chen, VP, Academia Sinica; D. A. Henderson; Ma Ying-jeou, President of Taiwan; Ryan Morhard, Center for Health Security; Timothy Chin-Tien Yang, Secretary-General to the President; Tzou-Yien Lin, Deputy Minister, DOH under the Executive Yuan.

APEC Conference

July 5, 2013: Dr. Henderson delivered the keynote address, "Dawn of a New Era for Infectious Disease Challenges" at the APEC Conference on the Innovation, Achievement and Sustainable Development in Public Health Emergency Response System 10 Years after the SARS Epidemic. 


Delivering keynote at APEC 2013 conference. Read keynote address.

Academia Sinica

July 4, 2013: Dr. Henderson delivers an invited lecture, "Smallpox—Death of a Disease: Miracle and Legacy" at Academia Sinica. 

Academia Sinica

L-R: Lin-Chao Sue, Director, International Affairs Office, Academia Sinica; Steve H. S. Kuo; Chien-Jen Chen; D. A. Henderson;  Mei-Shang Ho, Research Fellow, Academia Sinica; Tzou-Yien Lin; Feng-Yee Chang; Ryan Morhard; Ji-Shing Lin, Researcher, Office of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan.

Taipei Medical University

July 9, 2013: Dr. Henderson delivers the lecture, "The End of the World’s Greatest Pestilence," and then meets with students. 

Image of D. A. Henderson with students

Meeting with students, Taipei Medical University.

Taiwan CDC

July 8, 2013: Dr. Henderson meets with the General Feng-Yee Chang, Director of the Taiwan CDC, and other officials; toured the facilities; and was presented with an award.

Taiwan CDC

With Director-General Feng-Yee Chang at Taiwan CDC.



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