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Genetically Modified Mosquito Use to Reduce Mosquito-Transmitted Disease in the US: A Community Opinion Survey

Amesh Adalja, Tara Kirk Sell, Meghan McGinty, Crystal Boddie
Date posted:
May 25, 2016
Publication type:

PLOS Currents Outbreaks May 25, 2016

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Mosquito-borne infectious diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, and now Zika, pose a public health threat to the US, particularly Florida, the Gulf Coast states, and Hawaii. Recent autochthonous transmission of dengue and chikungunya in Florida, the recent dengue outbreak in Hawaii, and the potential for future local spread of Zika in the US, has led to the consideration of novel approaches to mosquito management. One such novel approach, the release of sterile genetically modified mosquitoes, has been proposed as a possible intervention, and a trial release of GM mosquitoes is being considered in one Florida community. However, this proposal has been controversial. The objective of this research was to increase understanding of community knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs regarding mosquito control and GM mosquitoes.



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