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Global Catastrophic Biological Risks: Toward a Working Definition

Monica Schoch-Spana, Anita Cicero, Amesh Adalja, Gigi Gronvall, Tara Kirk Sell, Diane Meyer, Jennifer B. Nuzzo, Sanjana Ravi, Matthew P. Shearer, Eric Toner, Crystal Watson, Matthew Watson, and Tom Inglesby
Date posted:
July 26, 2017
Publication type:

Health Security, Vol 15, August 2017

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
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The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security is working to analyze and deepen scientific dialogue regarding potential global catastrophic biological risks (GCBRs), in a continuation of its mission to reduce the consequences of epidemics and disasters. Because GCBRs constitute an emerging policy concern and area of practice, we have developed a framework to guide our work. We invited experts from a variety of disciplines to engage with our underlying concepts and assumptions to refine collective thinking on GCBRs and thus advance protections against them.



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