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Health systems for health security – Strengthening prevention, preparedness and response to health emergencies

Stella Chungong, Luc B Tsachoua Choupe, Marc ZJ Ho, Jennifer Nuzzo, Garrett W Brown, Nirmal Kandela
Date posted:
May 14, 2021
Publication type:
Weekly epidemiological record, 2021, 96,157–164
World Health Organization
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Current approaches to responses to epidemics and pandemics

Continuing outbreaks, disasters and active conflict are all evidence that the world remains vulnerable to health emer-gencies with significant health, social, economic and political impacts.1 During the COVID-19 pandemic, even countries considered to have strong health security and strong health systems, as measured by conventional metrics, are struggling to provide routine essential health services. The costs related to the pandemic continue to accumulate, and the world has witnessed excess morbidity and mortality from non-COVID-19 conditions. On stimulus pack-ages alone, countries have spent US$ 15 trillion to mitigate the economic and opportunity costs and reduce the impacts on lives and livelihoods.2



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