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Making Skeletal Muscle from Progenitor and Stem Cells: Development Versus Regeneration

CM Fan, L Li, ME Rozo, C Lepper
Date posted:
May 06, 2015
Publication type:
Wiley Interdiscip Rev Dev Biol 2012;1(3):315-327
Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
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In humans, more than 600 skeletal muscle groups are anatomically defined. Despite their complexity in shape and function, each muscle group is made up of hundreds to thousands of fundamental structural units called myofibers. The myofiber is unique in its constitution as it is a multinucleated syncytium containing tens to hundreds of nuclei resulting from cellular fusion of differentiated single muscle cells, the myocytes. Progenitors that give rise to these differentiated myocytes are a subject of this review. Stem cells that repair damaged myofibers or regenerate new myofibers after trauma in the adult are also evaluated. In particular, we contrast similarities and differences of cellular and molecular events that orchestrate muscle development and regeneration.



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