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Missing Links: Understanding Sex- and Gender-Related Impacts of Chemical and Biological Weapons

Renata Hessmann Dalaqua, James Revill, Alastair Hay, Nancy Connell
Date posted:
December 03, 2019
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In recent years, interest has grown in gender as a useful analytical perspective to examine the impact of particular means and methods of warfare. Multilateral debates on chemical and biological weapons, however, have not systematically considered the relevance of sex- and age-disaggregated data on the effects of these weapons, nor knowledge of gender dynamics, in the implementation of the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions (BWC and CWC, respectively). Such information and perspectives, however, can contribute to States’ preparedness and enhance the effectiveness of assistance under CWC article X and BWC article VII. Moreover, it could help to increase resilience and to aid recovery from chemical or biological incidents. Ultimately, a gender-responsive approach can help States to enhance the security and well-being of all their citizens.



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