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Necrotic Arm Lesions in an Intravenous Drug User

Amesh Adalja, Anjum S. Kaka
Date posted:
April 14, 2010
Publication type:

Intern Emerg Med 2010;5(5):439-440

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A 62-year-old woman with a history of long-term intravenous drug use and chronic Hepatitis C virus infection was admitted to another hospital unresponsive with profound hypotension. Her symptoms were attributed to a drug overdose leading to a depressed mental status, and possibly septic shock with aspiration pneumonia. She was placed on mechanical ventilation, and treated with vasopressors, high-dose corticosteroids and several broad-spectrum antibiotics. Blood and urine cultures were negative. When she failed to improve after 1 week she was transferred to the intensive care unit at our institution.



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