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Operationalizing Community Assessment Results to Enhance Preparedness for a Radiological Emergency

Rennie W. Ferguson, Daniel J. Barnett, Ryan David Kennedy, Tara Kirk Sell, Jessica S. Wieder, Ernst W. Spannhake
Date posted:
June 07, 2022
Publication type:
J Public Health Manag Pract. 2022 Jul-Aug 01;28(4):E711-E718
Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.
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A radiological emergency such as the detonation of a radiological dispersal device would have catastrophic health, environmental, and economic consequences. Community assessments can provide useful information about radiological and other emergency preparedness at the household level. Tools such as logic models can be applied to link data collected in a community assessment to planned activities and targeted outcomes. This study sought to answer how public health departments can use the results of a community assessment to improve preparedness for radiological and other types of emergencies and to present a sample logic model demonstrating how questions asked in a community assessment can be used to drive intended outcomes.



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