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Proposed changes to U.S. policy on potential pandemic pathogen oversight and implementation

Inglesby TV, Lipsitch M.
Date posted:
January 23, 2020
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mSphere 5:e00990-19

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We propose here changes to the U.S. government policy on potential pandemic pathogen (PPP) oversight and implementation, emphasizing transparency of the review process and the content of the review, publication of the review in advance, responsible publication of enhanced PPP research, high-level signoff on approvals of enhanced PPP experiments, and the need for a signi?cant effort to establish a common international approach to enhanced PPP work. We advocate that the U.S. government recommend, and non-U.S. government funders and journals adopt, a set of best practices that would extend important considerations of biosafety and biosecurity to all work on enhanced potential pandemic pathogens regardless of funding source.



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