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Room-level ventilation in schools and universities

V. Faye McNeill, Richard Corsi, J. Alex Huffman, Cathleen King, Robert Klein, Michael Lamore, Do Young Maeng, Shelly L. Miller, Nga Lee Ng, Paula Olsiewski, Krystal J. Godri Pollitt, Rachel Segalman, Alex Sessions, Todd Squires, Sabrina Westgate
Date posted:
February 14, 2022
Publication type:
Atmospheric Environment: X. 2022
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Ventilation is of primary concern for maintaining healthy indoor air quality and reducing the spread of airborne infectious disease, including COVID-19. In addition to building-level guidelines, increased attention is being placed on room-level ventilation. However, for many universities and schools, ventilation data on a room-by-room basis are not available for classrooms and other key spaces. We present an overview of approaches for measuring ventilation along with their advantages and disadvantages. We also present data from recent case studies for a variety of institutions across the United States, with various building ages, types, locations, and climates, highlighting their commonalities and differences, and examples of the use of this data to support decision making.



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