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Standard of Care—In Sickness and in Health and in Emergencies

Lawrence O. Gostin, Dan Hanfling, James G. Hodge, Jr., Brooke Courtney, John L. Hick, Cheryl A. Peterson
Date posted:
September 30, 2010
Publication type:

N Engl J Med 2010;363(14):1378-1379

Massachusetts Medical Society
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Annas (June 3 issue) critiques national, consensus-driven efforts to define and craft crisis standards of care for catastrophic health emergencies involving scarce resources. He concludes that the movement supporting altered standards of care has been based on “false premises,” namely that existing standards of care cannot guide the delivery of health services in “worst case scenarios” and that the development of national guidance perpetuates myths about liability risks during emergencies. We are members of an Institute of Medicine (IOM) committee that was tasked by the Department of Health and Human Services with developing crisis standards of care, but our reply is based on our individual convictions.

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