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Strategic Multilateral Biosecurity Dialogue among Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United States with Participating Observers from the Philippines and Thailand: Meeting Report from the 2018 Dialogue Session

Tom Inglesby, Anita Cicero, Matthew Shearer, Diane Meyer
Date posted:
April 20, 2018
Publication type:
Meeting report
The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security
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The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security conducted a Track II multilateral biosecurity dialogue between Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United States—with observers from the Philippines and Thailand—in Nusa Dua, Indonesia on April 18-20, 2018. Dialogue topics included national biosecurity priorities as well as ongoing and emerging biosecurity threats facing Southeast Asia countries, ranging from emerging infectious diseases to advances in biotechnology to bioterrorism. Participants discussed national-level biosecurity programs and shared lessons from their experiences, building on trusted relationships established over several years of this dialogue with the aim of improving national capacity and collaboration across the broad scope of biosecurity issues.



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