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The Characteristics of Pandemic Pathogens

Pandemic Pathogens Report Cover
Amesh Adalja, Matthew Watson, Eric Toner, Anita Cicero, Thomas Inglesby
Date posted:
May 10, 2018
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The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security conducted this study to elucidate the characteristics of naturally occurring microorganisms that constitute a global catastrophic biologic risk (GCBR).

GCBRs are defined as “those events in which biological agents—whether naturally emerging or reemerging, deliberately created and released, or laboratory engineered and escaped—could lead to sudden, extraordinary, widespread disaster beyond the collective capability of national and international governments and the private sector to control. If unchecked, GCBRs would lead to great suffering, loss of life, and sustained damage to national governments, international relationships, economies, societal stability, or global security.



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