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Trust in the Age of Bioweapons

Gigi Kwik Gronvall
Date posted:
February 17, 2012
Publication type:

Nonproliferation Review 2012;19(1):7-8

Taylor & Francis
Available on publisher's website

Distrust of the US government's motives in biodefense may have negative consequences, including lack of support at home and suspicion abroad. In “Biodefense and Transparency: The Dual-Use Dilemma” (18.2, July 2011, pp. 349–68), Kirk Bansak argues that the United States must do more to increase transparency to discourage other nations from embarking on biological weapons programs. Indeed, the United States can, and should, do more to explain the importance of biodefense and to reassure that efforts are truly for defense. Yet while allaying suspicions is important, the top priority for the United States needs to be actual biodefense capability.



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