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Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity

The Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity competitive fellowship program was launched in 2012 to create and sustain an energetic, multidisciplinary, and intergenerational biosecurity community made up of motivated young professionals as well as current leaders.

The program is administered by the Center, and strategic guidance is provided by members of the Executive Steering Committee, who are established leaders in biosecurity.

Each year, the program selects a group of the "best and brightest" Fellows who are talented career professionals from government, defense, private industry, science, law, public health, medicine, global health, journalism, the social sciences, and academia. By participating in conferences, seminars, networking events, a writing competition, and educational webinars, Fellows are able to deepen their expertise, expand their professional contacts, and build leadership skills. This is not a full-time fellowship; Fellows maintain their primary jobs and/or studies while participating.