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How to Lead during Bioattacks



"The Mayor's Cabinet" accessed 2/16/04; "City Council Members" accessed 2/16/04

Total budgeted positions according to FY2001 budget. "Managing for Success" Baltimore City Personnel Operations and Management Report presented to Mayor Martin O'Malley July 6, 2001 Greater Baltimore Committee.


Schools: Combined total of public, private and publicly funded specialty schools. Baltimore City Public School System. "School Profiles 2002-2003" accessed 2/12/04; "Nonpublic Schools Approved By the Maryland State Board of Education" accessed 2/12/04

Religious Organizations: Includes churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious organizations. Data from Baltimore City GIS 2002. on Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance website, accessed 2/20/04

Community Associations: Tenant, neighborhood and neighborhood business associations. "Community Association Directory" accessed 2/12/04

News Outlets: Includes local newspaper, weekly alternative community papers and city specific magazines:  "Baltimore City Media" accessed 2/17/04; "Baltimore -Media Links" accessed 2/17/04


Total Population: U.S Census Bureau, Census 2000 "Profile of General Demographic Characteristics: 2000" Table DP-1 Baltimore City, Maryland.

Children 19 Years and Younger: Based on population 3 years and older enrolled in nursery or pre-school, through high school; not including college or graduate school enrollment. U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000 "Profile of Selected Social Characteristics: 2000. Table DP-2: Baltimore City, Maryland

Non-Institutionalized Disabled: Civilian Non-institutionalized population. Defined by U.S. Census as

  • Person 5 years old and over reporting a long-lasting sensory, physical, mental or self-care disability
  • Person 16 years old over and reporting difficulty going outside the home because of a physical, mental, or emotional condition lasting 6 months or more; or
  • Person 16-64 years old reporting difficulty working at a job or business because of physical, mental or emotional condition lasting 6 months or more

U.S Census Bureau, Census 2000 "Profile of General Demographic Characteristics: 2000" Table DP-1 Baltimore City, Maryland


Counties and States within 90 Miles: Road Atlas: United States Canada Mexico. 1999. Rand McNally.

Daily Commuters: Commuting Flows to and from the Baltimore Region, 2000 Baltimore Metropolitan Council accessed 2/16/04



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