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Rad Resilient City Initiative


Suggested Topics for a Fallout Preparedness Education Campaign

Explore education campaign topics that communities may wish to address when designing their own public education campaigns around fallout preparedness. Professional associations, the federal government, and others have also provided guidance on information the public would need to prepare and respond to a nuclear detonation (see references 1-3 and the links page). More.

Effective Postdetonation Public Warnings

Planning for an incident of nuclear terrorism should include the development of pre-scripted, pre-vetted, and scientifically based warning messages for fallout.  Learn about the essential principles of an effective public warning message, drawing on an extensive evidence base about what actually motivates people to execute protective actions.

Sample Fallout Warning Messages for the Post-Nuclear Detonation Period

One of the most important tasks for jurisdictions is to develop pre-scripted, pre-vetted, and scientifically based fallout warning messages tailored to their specific community. We've made available a series of provisional public information statements developed by Los Angeles County and reproduced by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP). Together with the Formula for Writing an Effective Message for Postdetonation Public Warning, these statements serve as a starting point for a community to develop its postdetonation fallout warning messages.

*IND = Improvised nuclear device



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