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Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative: 2015 Workshop

The Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative (ELBI) is a competitive fellowship program run by the UPMC Center for Health Security. ELBI identifies and provides networking opportunities for early career professionals in the many diverse fields that make up biosecurity. The 2015 ELBI Fellows recently attended a workshop in the United Kingdom which was co-hosted by King’s College London and held at the UK Defence Academy near Swindon. During the workshop, the Fellows heard from and collaborated with biosecurity thought leaders and policymakers both in and out of government. Speakers and attendees to the workshop represented King’s College London, UPMC Center for Health Security, UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), UK Home Office, UK Department of Health, Defra, DSTL, The Harvard Sussex Program, Bavarian Nordic, The University of Bradford, The OPCW, the US CDC, The White House, DoD DARPA ;and DoD DTRA. The Fellows also participated in a half day tabletop bioterrorism exercise called Viral Storm and made site visits to DSTL/Porton Down and the Pirbright Institute.


2015 Workshop | August 3-6, 2015

Location: Joint Services Command and Staff College, Shrivenham, United Kingdom

August 3 | Arrival

5:30-6:30PM No Host Social in the Lounge
6:30-7:30PM Dinner in Victory Dining Room

August 4 | Workshop

8:30-8:45AM Welcome
Wyn Bowen, Head of Department/Dean of Academic Studies, Defence Studies Department (DSD), King’s College London, and Co-Director of the Centre for Science & Security Studies
Bill Hostyn, US DoD, DTRA
Tom Inglesby, CEO and Director, UPMC Center for Health Security

8:45-8:50AM Workshop and Site Visit Logistics
Susan Martin, Department of War Studies, King’s College London
Crystal Boddie, Senior Associate, UPMC Center for Health Security, ELBI Program Manager

9:15-10:30AM UK and US National Approaches to Biosecurity
Moderator: Tom Inglesby, CEO and Director, UPMC Center for Health Security
Nicola Commander, Chemical and Biological Threats Policy Science Advisor/Science Lead, Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, UK Home Office
Sophie Brice, Chemical and Biological Threats Policy Lead, Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, UK Home Office
Ken Bernard, Former Special Assistant to the US President for Biodefense, and Former Senior Advisor to the WHO Director-General

11:00-12:15PM Biological Risk: Perception and Policy
Moderator: Crystal Boddie, UPMC Center for Health Security
Julia Pearce, Research Fellow, Department of War Studies, King’s College London
Alick Simmons, Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer and Director for Plant and Animal Health, Defra

1:15-2:30PM Global Governance: BWC, IHR, AND GHSA
Moderator: Susan Martin, King’s College London
Lorna Miller, Senior Biological Adviser on Non-Proliferation, DSTL, Porton Down
Caitriona McLeish, Senior Fellow at SPRU, University of Sussex, Co-Director of the Harvard Sussex Program on Chemical and Biological Weapons

3:00-4:15PM Promise and Peril of Synthetic Biology
Moderator: Tom Inglesby, UPMC Center for Health Security
Gigi Kwik Gronvall, Senior Associate, UPMC Center for Health Security
Filippa Lentzos, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine, King’s College London

4:15-5:30PM International Ebola Response
Moderator: Anita Cicero, COO and Deputy Director, UPMC Center for Health Security
Jacob Cohn, Director, Governmental Affairs, Bavarian Nordic
Natasha Price, Policy Lead, Global Health Security, Department of Health
Tom Inglesby, UPMC Center for Health Security

August 4 | Evening Events

7:00PM Formal Hosted Dinner
Speaker: Bernard Silverman, Chief Scientific Advisor, UK Home Office

8:30PM No Host Social in the Lounge

August 5 | Workshop/Exercise

8:30-9:30AM Keynote Speaker
Steve Redd, Director, Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, CDC

9:30-10:30AM Fellows’ Presentations
John Billington: The ABC’s of the US Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Program: Antibiotics, Biosecurity and Congress
Patricia Lau: Development of Medical Countermeasures: Perspectives on Determining Human Efficacy
Leremy Colf: Preparing for Enhanced, Advanced, and Emerging Bioterrorism Risk

11:00-12:15PM Current and Emerging Issues in Biosecurity
Moderator: Caitriona McLeish, Senior Research Fellow, University of Sussex
James Revill, Research Fellow, SPRU, University of Sussex, Harvard Sussex Program
Malcolm Dando, Professor of International Security, University of Bradford
Jonathan Forman, Science Policy Advisor, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

12:15-1:15PM Lunch
Renee Wegrzyn, Contractor for the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

1:15-2:00PM Fellows’ Presentations
Kimberly Gajewski: PKEMRA and the Ebola Crisis: Opportunities for Legislative Reform
Andrew Leifer: Beyond a Risk Benefit Analysis for evaluating Gain-of-Function Mutation Experiments

2:15-5:30PM Viral Storm Exercise
Randall Larsen, National Security Advisor, UPMC Center for Health Security

5:30-5:40PM Workshop Closing

August 5 | Evening Events

6:30PM-7:30PM Dinner

7:30PM No Host Social in the Lounge

August 6 | Field Trips

10:30-1:30PM DSTL/Porton Down
Presentations on career paths, young career scientists, difference in approaches to containment, briefings/lab visits
Informal time with scientists
Laboratory tours

Presentation on management of biosafety in the UK
Tour of site, focusing on the outside of Plowright, the ISOs and the Jenner Building
Talk from Helen Roberts from APHA

Q&A session



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